My name is Julie Kulovits. I currently serve on the CUSD 200 Board of Education and am running to serve a four-year term.


    Mom. I am a mom to three boys who attend CUSD 200’s elementary schools and bring an important parent perspective to the Board. My husband Steve and I were both born and raised in DuPage County. We have lived in CUSD 200 for the past six years and enjoy being actively involved in the community.


    Executive. While my most important role is as a mom to my three children, professionally, I am General Counsel and Vice President at a national nonprofit organization in the healthcare field. Throughout my career, I have worked with several nonprofit organizations at their highest levels of leadership and understand how governing boards best operate to get work done. This means being collaborative, open-minded, objective, and focused on the organization’s ultimate goal. For CUSD 200, its goal, and my focus as a board member, is to support all students to reach their highest level of learning and personal development.


    Experienced. I come to this role experienced and ready to serve. In August 2022, I was unanimously appointed to fill a vacancy on the Board of Education and have been actively serving the district ever since. I am a member of the Board’s Facilities Committee. I have also taken time to visit with our district’s administrators, educators, and students through the Board’s “adopt-a-school” initiative. My experiences on the Board have provided me with a deep understanding of the issues facing the district and the solutions we need to keep the district moving forward toward our goals.


    Volunteer. In addition to serving on the CUSD 200 Board of Education, I enjoy volunteering at my children’s school, whether at an Explore More Day, a mystery reader, room parent, reading aide, book fair, or at one of their holiday parties. I have also served on the Wheaton Community Relations Commission – where we launched the City’s first Festival of Cultures to celebrate the rich diversity in our community – and sat on the board of directors for my local church.


    I look forward to continuing to serve our great community and helping ensure that a high-quality education is available for all students in our district.


    High-Quality Education for All Students

    CUSD 200’s mission statement is to inspire, educate, challenge, and support all students to reach their highest levels of learning and personal development. That is also my priority as a board member. I want to see that all students in the district are well-equipped to succeed and I will continue to support initiatives to meet this goal. This means prioritizing recruiting and retaining high-quality teaching staff; making necessary academic supports possible (such as the recent addition of math coaches at the elementary and middle school levels); ensuring our special education programs have the aides and staff needed; and continuing to invest in high-quality curriculum and resources for core subjects – particularly for our youngest learners so they spend their academic career ready to excel instead of playing “catch up.”

    Education that is Accountable but Driven by Educators

    The Board of Education’s role is to provide oversight and accountability. This is done by ensuring appropriate checks and balances are in place and the most knowledgeable stakeholders are involved in the decision-making process. While providing this oversight and accountability, I will ensure our district’s education is driven by our trained and professional educators – and not politics. Political interests have zero place in our educational system. As a mom, I am driven by what is best for the kids in our district, and nothing else.

    Smart Fiscal Planning

    Smart fiscal planning is important to the long-term success of the district. As a board member, I support efforts to be wise stewards of the hard-earned taxpayer funds entrusted to us. The district operates on a lean basis, spending less than the state average per pupil and achieving greater results in return. The district has been designated by the State Board of Education with its highest rating of the “Financial Recognition” designation (for the 6th year in a row), and recently we passed our 13th consecutive balanced budget. While maintaining this strong fiscal position, some of our district’s facilities are in need of critical upgrades. Neglecting this responsibility harms taxpayers’ property values and will only create greater expenses in the future. When evaluating financial decisions in the district, I will prioritize the strong fiscal health of our district and recognize when investments now translate into efficiencies moving forward.


    I have been endorsed by the educators of our district, the Daily Herald, past and current board members and a wide variety of other community leaders.

    Daily Herald

    You can find the Daily Herald's full endorsement here.

    Wheaton-Warrenville Education Association

    The Wheaton-Warrenville Education Association represents 96% of our district's educators who come from diverse political parties, demographics, and faith backgrounds. They chose their profession for one common reason - to see our district's children succeed. I am honored to have the endorsement of the district's educators.

    Mayor David Brummel

    I am honored to have the endorsement of Mayor David Brummel. He is an integral part of the CUSD 200 community and a former CUSD 200 parent himself.

    Mike Gresk - Mayor of Wheaton (2007-2019)

    Mayor Gresk served as the City of Wheaton's mayor for 12 years. I am honored to have his endorsement.

    Gwen Henry

    Gwen Henry has served many roles in our community, including: current DuPage County Treasurer, former Mayor of the City of Wheaton, former Chair of Central DuPage Health, former Marianjoy Treasurer, 42 year resident of CUSD 200 and proud parent of 4 CUSD 200 graduates. I am honored to have her endorsement


    Past and current board members

    I am also supported by several past and current CUSD 200 Board of Education members. These individuals know this role well and it is an honor to have their support:

    Sean Casten

    Congressman, Illinois Sixth District


    Click below for some key facts on various issues in the district.


    CUSD 200's strategic plan has, as one of its goals, to focus on its K-8 core academic areas (math, ELA, science and social studies) . In line with this goal, the district has been making some key investments in Math and English Language Arts ("ELA"). These investments will help to ensure that all learners have a solid academic foundation so each is set up for success.


    CUSD 200 is a high-ranking district, producing successful students with quality educators. Though the district has a solid foundation, it is not - nor should be - complacent. I support efforts (such as the recent investments in math and reading) to invest in our students so that each continues to progress.


    I support efforts to be wise stewards of the hard-earned taxpayer funds entrusted to the district. As a board member, I will prioritize the strong fiscal health of CUSD 200 while also focusing my decisions on what is best for the district and the students it serves.


    I am an involved parent in my children's education and schools. I want others to be too! I volunteer at school, help my children with at-home assignments, and know I can reach out to teachers if I have questions or concerns. CUSD 200 values parents and has many ways to engage them in their child's education.


    Here are some ways CUSD 200 engages these important stakeholders: parent communications, access to student data through ParentVue, volunteering at school, PTA, Citizens Advisory Committee, curriculum available on the CUSD 200 website, opportunities for parent review and feedback on curriculum and instructional materials, and more!


    Click on each question for additional information.


    At the request of friends and community members, I have set up a donation page. Donations received will help defray direct costs for things such as stamps and yard signs. Any donation you wish to provide is gracious and appreciated. Please also email your name, address, and occupation to me at JulieKulovitsD200@gmail.com for reporting purposes with the State of Illinois. Please note that I am not accepting any donations other than individual contributors in the CUSD 200 community. Thank you.


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